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Pullman and the MWRD

Updated: Apr 30

Sign: Pullman National Monument & State Historic Site
Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Wikimedia Commons

The Pullman Historic Foundation presentation (Historic Pullman Foundation Exhibit Hall, July 23, 2023) explained the innovative work in laying out the sewage collection, stormwater drainage, and water distribution networks for the Pullman community in the 1880s. Pullman also attempted unsuccessfully to dispose of sewage on farmland. Pullman’s sewage was eventually collected and treated by the Sanitary District of Chicago. The District developed its own sewage collection and drainage network for the South Side of Chicago and southern suburbs, including Pullman. After separating and returning clean used water to the environment, today’s Metropolitan Water Reclamation District processes the residual sewage solids using open-air lagoons and open-air drying areas adjacent to the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant. Ultimately, the processed sewage solids, now referred to as biosolids, are utilized on agricultural and urban land, much safer than Pullman’s sewage farm.

Download the presentation here.

20230723 Calumet Pullman and the MWRD
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